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Safe & Reliable

Travelers and travel arrangers appreciate our NLS Golden Guarantee, as well as ride-status alerts, ride traceability, and safety features including the ability to view the car number and a picture of the chauffeur before the car arrives.

Easy Connect

Enjoy the convenience of scheduling rides for others on the NLS website, over the phone with our 24/7 Customer Service Center or through your GDS or Online Booking Tool through our relationships with Deem and GroundSpan. Confirmation emails are sent to you as well as the traveler.

Seamless Booking

New time saving features, such as the ability to set your car class preference, select from previously used addresses and our one-click duplicate a ride or book a return trip feature makes the reservation process fast and effortless.

Available Nationwide

Simplify travel with one, consistent and high-quality service provider, available in major cities throughout the US.

Higher Kickbacks

Generate additional revenue on every ride you book and your client takes with us.

At your service 24/7 -365

Our renowned 24/7 - 365 customer service team is ready to help you with any issues or questions.

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